Friday, June 4, 2010

Terror Network Episode 1

Episode 1: The Terror Begins

February 16, 2010 22:55

Episode 1 began with an introduction from our local FOX NEWS affiliate that gave a brief overview of the present state of the War on Terror.

Then from there the action went to the briefing room where Col. Thomas J Masters informed the team of their first mission: Swoop down out of the sky in a Little Bird helicopter, disembark, find Wali-ur-Rehman Meshud, eliminate or capture him, eliminate or capture any other High Value Targets, (HVTs) eliminate any hostile presences in the area, and recover any valuable intelligence about local / international terror networks.

When the Little Bird landed the 5 man group split into 2 separate two-man assault teams with Lawrence McHenry (a PC) providing cover with his SAW.

One guard was visible immediately in front of one of the two target buildings and was dropped before he had a chance to react by the SAW of Lawrence McHenry. As Trey Nation (a PC) and Lee (a PC) ran towards one of the target buildings a wild-eyed man exited the target building and fired in the general direction of the assault team. Fortunately no-one was hit by his imprecise aim and Trey and Lee were on him within a matter of seconds and Trey silenced him with a three-round burst to his cranium.

While this assault was taking place Sgts. Thomas (an NPC) and Jerry (an NPC) were exchanging fire with two other men who had exited the second target building. The two men were spraying their AKs wildly at the intermittent muzzle flashes but with no success. Within minutes, both of the fanatical suspects had been dropped from shots to their heads.

Back at the first target building, Lee threw a flash bang into the building and immediately rushed in. Inside the room was a dazed and immobile hostile that Lee instantly subdued and restrained. A further search of the room would lead to the capture of a laptop that would later turn up some interesting information.

Silence filled the area, and Lawrence began working his way over to where Sgts. Thomas and Jerry were securing the second target building. As Lawrence approached the building he began to hear someone crying out for assistance in a heavily accented voice. After a thorough search of the area, a trapdoor was found under a Persian rug and revealed a small chamber in the basement that held rusty farming tools and a captive French journalist.

After questioning the French journalist it was established that he was one of two journalists who were recently captured by Taliban and that in the last safe house that he was at he saw a meeting between African Islamists and the Taliban. He also mentioned that the he kept hearing the word "missile" in the conversation.

While the journalist was being questioned Lee was interrogating his restrained suspect and found out that the man was a local claimed that he grabbed his weapon only because he heard shooting outside of his compound. He claimed innocence about not being a member of the Taliban and says that he has never even seen Wali-ur Meshud. Nonetheless, the man was put aboard the exfilltration chopper and was taken back to the base with the rest of the team as a large formation of Taliban troops were beginning to ascend the hilltop from the town below.

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