Friday, January 14, 2011

More Figures for the Crime Network Game

I painted these models up a few weeks ago for our Crime Network campaign. The group will be back at it in a few weeks whenever family excitement winds down. Pictured below are the hardcore Yardies (Jamaicans) that the group will be dealing with. It seems that the C.I.R.A. has a rat in the organization and the group has decided that they are going to reach out to their sometime rivals to see if they have any information about the mole.

The flamboyant model in the middle is the eccentric leader of the Belfast Boyz who fancies himself a community leader / drug dealer. He can usually be seen socializing with the elite of Belfast society at fancy meals and fundraisers. For numerous reasons he is rarely mistaken for anyone other than himself...

Lastly, since the actual game is called Crime Network and was written as a Mob role-playing game, I figured that I needed to have some Sicilian Mafia types in our game. Also, this will make integrating The Old Country supplement directly into our campaign much smoother. Devious tricks for devious times!