Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Paint Job from Alex aka Yorikasudon pt. 2

Here is the 2nd batch of paint jobs from Alex.
These pictures are of the 16 SWAT members that will be going after our "heroes". Yes, I know that Britain doesn't have a SWAT team per se, however, I feel that they can be used in lieu of actually having SO13 Anti-terrorist Branch troopers.

Next up are some Cops to go after the "good guys". And again, yes I do know that constables do not look like this nor does the average constable carry a firearm, but in a crime game, the good guys need to have a chance to win...Don't they?

Here are the player's themselves; all dressed up with no-where to go...We'll see how dangerous they are in just a couple of weeks...

Lastly here are some prone British troops who may get called in if the PC's actions get out of hand and draw the attention of Downing Street...They had better watch out if that happens as the snipers don't look like they are going to miss a shot.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Crime Network Painting Part 3

Here is my newest addition to my group's Crime Network 'family'. This is a group of undercover police / detectives with weapons drawn. These are going to represent the heavily armed constables who will be continuously trying to thwart the players attempts to sow terror and to make gobs of cash.

And then, I needed to paint up a big nasty leader of the Loyalist forces who will be a danger to the group; out came "Welsh" Bob - an ex-SAS member who now leads the local Loyalist forces. He is renown for his military tactics and his violent efficiency.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

2nd Set of Crime Network Paintjobs

Here are some pictures of the second batch of troopers that I have painted up. While I understand that these figures are better suited to Terror Network, they have been laying around, are AMAZING models from Empress, and I simply wanted to paint them!

And with their beards, ballcaps, and M4s, I'm sure that I can come up with some clever reasons for introducing these models to our game. Hopefully these guys are not the death of my players; I suppose only time will tell.

And here is the side view of the Special Forces troops. Notice that the sniper's spotter is wearing a STL Cardinals hat for my hometown and another one of the operators is wearing a KC Royals hat for half of my players...It's the little things that keeps a group playing happily together...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Crime Network's 1st Paintjobs

My gaming group and I have decided to take a small break from Terror Network's world of CIA agents, special forces operators, and undercover operations, and have decided to delve into Bedrock Games: Crime Network. However, since most of my players are Irish, and I am the lone Italian, the setting of our game will be downtown Belfast as opposed to the traditional New York, New Jersey, or Rome...

In our seedy Belfast underworld there will be nationalists, Loyalists, Republicans (Catholic Irishmen not the American political party) skinheads, and Jamaican gangsters. I have named and labeled the major players in all of the different factions and am currently painting up corresponding models for everyone. So far, I have completed 4 Jamaican gangsters which are pictured below.

Hopefully I will be able to complete all of the 'rosters' and paint up enough models before we begin playing in between Thanksgiving and Christmas.