Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mantic Orcs and my Orc Army

I have finally gotten around to posting some photos of my Orc warhost. It is mostly Mantic Games' awesome plastic - but there are some speciality troops from other manufacturers used to supplement my core troops.

The theme for the army is a shooting comet - I wanted something a bit different from GWs crescent moon and LOTR's hand - so a comet seemed like the right choice to tie a violent beastial pack together...

Last note before the pics - Mantic Games is AMAZING! Amazing prices for large packages of troops, they have created (and are finalizing) a fast-paced and quick rule-set in Kings of War, and lastly have a dedicated core of gamers who are passionate about gaming and providing a fun experience. Gushing over - here are the greenskins who are looking to crush all in their path.

Mantic's Orcs are all in the front row and the others are in the

Next up are two units of Gore riders. A third is currently being readied.

Here is a unit of Moreaxs

Here is my gore riding Krudger leading a massive Orc Horde

Here is my flagger, a mawbeast and goblin handler, a sneaky goblin, and a massive and ungainly giant bringing up the rear.

Here is a unit of Greataxs. A second is currently being readied.

Here is a second, smaller unit of Orcs. These are going to be used for roleplaying, searching for dwarf treasure in Dwarf King's Hold, and for crushing opponents in Kings of War.

Lastly, here is a second giant type (Big Boogie) with a goblin shaman riding on top to guide him. This model is from Ramshackle Games. I would recommend them for their prices and for some of their unique models. I also have a Goblin catapult from them and it is really cool.