Thursday, September 16, 2010

Operation Hydra Den Module

This module tells/chronicles the follow-up to the attack on Dallas that was described in the prequel module Operation Hydra. In Bedrock Games' Operation Hydra Den (from now on referred to as OHD) the heroes are tasked with tracking down two Muhammad Abaza cells that are mining uranium in the mountains of Saudi Arabia in the hopes to attack the U.S. or her interests a second time in a more lethal fashion.

In their effort to track down the two cell commanders and three encrypted laptops full of intelligence on Abaza the players investigate leads in two very different Saudi Arabian cities and the uranium mine itself.

OHD gives an extensive and wonderfully accurate glimpse into Saudi Arabian culture and society as well as artfully describing different locations, persons, and events that the heroes may or may not contact during their mission. I found the NPCs to be lifelike enough and the events that the heroes could trigger were extremely interesting and unique. (So much so that the ones that my players didn't contact will certainly be used in future missions/adventures.)

The only negative critique that I feel comfortable airing is similar to the complaint that I had with Operation Hydra. I must be a visual person (which is paradoxical I know since I'm describing a role-playing game module) but I feel that it would be extremely beneficial if the module included a (or a couple of possible) timeline(s) of events that the players may follow. I again solved this problem by simply re-reading the text a few times and then manually drawing out possible scenarios that the players might follow, but again, it seems to me that this would be advantageous to others as well.

Just like with Operation Hydra, I believe that Bedrock Games hit the ball out of the park with OHD. OHD is a well researched, well articulated, and complete adventure that would fit nicely into any contemporary gaming system and would unquestionably be a great addition to any modern campaign. (Especially if you are are playing Terror Network!)

I highly recommend this product, and again, the price of this module cannot be beat. So what are you waiting for? Are you really going to let terrorists hostile to the United States of America mine illicit uranium and attack us on our soil? I didn't think so.

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